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OJC Statement on the Second Anniversary of Tree of Life Attack


Two years ago on this day, a murderer walked in to the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.  In an attack that killed 11 innocent victims and injured six others, including four police officers, he did more than defile a house of prayer on a Sabbath.  He committed the worst act of terrorism against the Jewish community in the history of the republic.  

Today, we remember the victims.  We extend our gratitude to the first responders.  We remain thankful for their selfless efforts that saved lives that day.

We in Ohio also thank our local law enforcement officers for their dedication to keeping us safe.  We extend our gratitude to Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, the General Assembly, led by President Obhof, Leader Yuko, Speaker Cupp, and Leader Sykes and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, led by Director Stickrath, for their commitment to funding security needs at nonprofits at high risk of terror attacks and to community-police partnerships that help us stay safe.

As well, this gratitude extends to our entire Congressional delegation, with special mention of Senator Portman, who, through his seat on the Homeland Security Committee took the lead to expand the nonprofit security grant program, garnering millions for Ohio nonprofits in need of security improvements.

Today, we join in remembering the dead, praying for the survivors, and committing now and always, to never again allowing such a heinous and brazen attack on our community or any other faith based or cause focused nonprofit.  

Howie Beigelman, Executive Director

Ohio Jewish Communities

October 27, 2020

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