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Statements on the Violence in Cha‍‍‍rlottesville

Howie Beigelman, Executive Director howieb@ohiojc.org

Catherine Scheller, Legislative & Communications Assistant cscheller@ohiojc.org


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Click here for statements from Ohio's Members of Congress

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor:

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "I issued a statement condemning the horrific violence and extremist ideology behind it. Let me be crystal clear, there is no place in America for Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists or any individual or group who incites hatred. I believe the President missed an opportunity yesterday to stop the violence and help heal this country. Equality knows no party. It is time to stop the rhetoric. Time to stop the divisiveness. The American Dream is there for all of us to achieve."

Attorney General Mike DeWine

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "There is absolutely no room in our country for racism, bigotry or hate. As the son of a World War II veteran who saw the horrors of Dachau when he arrived there days after it was liberated, I stand strong against any group perpetrating hate."

Secretary of State Jon Husted

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "I agree with the statement President Trump made on Monday denouncing the violence and the neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He should back that statement up with his actions and help to permanently rid our nation of p‍‍‍laces where this hatred is tolerated.

"I disagree with the president that there is a moral equivalence between the protesters. Once you cross the line into preaching hatred that ultimately leads to a violent act that kills and injures people, you and your collaborators bear the responsibility."

Treasurer Josh Mandel‍‍‍

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "I mourn the loss of life in Virginia and strongly condemn the violence, bigotry and Nazism there and anywhere. Hundreds of thousands of young Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice in WWII so our children would never have to see the e‍‍‍vil of Nazism. This evil has no place in our country and we should come together as Americans to combat it."

Click here for statements from Ohio's Members of Congress