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Representative Angie King (R-Celina)
Representative Derek Merrin (R-Monclova Twp.)
Representative Tavia Galonski (D-Akron)
Representative Josh Williams (R-Sylvania Twp.)
Representative Phil Plummer (R-Dayton)
Representative Steve Demetriou (R-Bainbridge Twp.)
Representative Nick Santucci (R-Howland Twp.)

The Columbus Board of Rabbis


“ You shall not wrong or oppress the ger (stranger), for you were gerim (strangers) in the land of Egypt (Exodus 22:20). You shall not wrong with words, and you shall not oppress financially.” -- Mekhilta d’Rabbi Yishmael Mishpatim, Massechet Nizikin, Parasha 18:

The undersigned members of the Columbus Board of Rabbis strongly condemn any governmental action that bars entry of individuals into the United States based solely on religion, nationality, race or other discriminatory reasons. As people who have in recent memory experienced persecution and exclusion by governments in the name of security, Jews know that the United States must continue to be a land of liberty. With our observance of International Holocaust Day on January 27, we express solidarity with refugees, as we once were, who are refused entry at the shores of our country. We support the need for security, but The United States must remain open to all seeking the safety, freedom, and promise that our country allows.

We also strongly support our brothers and sisters at their Mosque in Quebec City who suffered a terrorist attack at their religious home on Jan. 29th. Our prayers are with the victims of this horrific act an offer our most sincere condolences to the victims' families.

The Columbus Board of Rabbis

Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson

Rabbi Howard Apothaker

Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev

Rabbi Ben Berger

Rabbi Arye Berk

Rabbi Alex Braver

Rabbi David Claman

Rabbi Melissa Crespy

Rabbi Avi Goldstein

Rabbi Rick Kellner

Rabbi Deborah Lefton

Rabbi Mitch Levine

Rabbi Sharon Mars

Rabbi Jay Henry Moses

Rabbi Ilan Schwartz

Rabbi Michael Ungar

Rabbi Howard Zack

Rabbi Tali Zelkowicz

Rabbi Misha Zinkow

Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg