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Ohio becomes 15th State to Act Against BDS

Ohio Jewish Communities     December 12, 2016    

Legislature passes bipartisan bill banning state contracts with companies engaged in BDS against Israel or others.

Measure also includes potential to increase investment in Israel Bonds by millions.

Ohio Moves to Protect Nonprofits from Terrorism

Ohio Jewish Communities     December 13, 2016

Over $7 million to be made available with passage of "target hardening" grant program that makes State a national leader

Statement of Ohio Jewish Communities on Signing of HB 476

December 19, 2016

"With Governor Kasich's signature, Ohio becomes the latest state to stand up against the discrimination based on national origin inherent in efforts to boycott, divest, or sanction Israel.  It's also a stand in support of free trade and academic freedom.

"For that alone, we, representing Ohio's Jewish communities statewide and a diverse coalition of business,  academic, and faith leaders are profoundly grateful.

"But Ohio went a step further than anyone else. They included an opportunity for positive investment by the state and county treasurers in certain foreign bonds - including Israel's - allowing our state to stand with Israel in a meaningful way, helping to create even more business, trade, and research opportunities.

"Thank you Governor Kasich."

-- Howie Beigelman, executive director, Ohio Jewish Communities

Statement by Ohio Jewish Communities on Governor Kasich’s Signature of HB 384 and the Security Grant Program

Ohio Jewish Communities     January 5, 2017

Yesterday, Governor John Kasich signed HB 384 into law.  It had passed both chambers by wide, overwhelming, and bi-partisan margins.

Included in this law is funding of over $7.3 million to help nonprofits “target harden” their facilities against terrorist attack. Ohio is only the second state in the nation (after California) to enact such a program.

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Congress Steps in On JCC Security

February 22, 2017

In the wake of some sixty bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other Jewish institutions, Congress has stepped in - and up - in a big, and bipartisan way.  

In a letter coauthored by Reps. Stephanie Murphy and Joe Crowley, signed by over 150 additional Members - including at least half the Ohio delegation - Congress asks the Attorney General, the Homeland Security Secretary, and the FBI Director to pull out the stops.

They also call for more funds to vulnerable nonprofits that are the classic soft target.

The full letter is