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"Given the heightened tensions in our nation, I believe now more than ever we need to help educate the next generations about how horrors like the Holocaust can be perpetrated by even the most civilized and sophisticated people," said Rulli. "We know that simply pledging to never forget is not enough as sadly, genocide continues to this day. My hope is that Ohio's youth will become enlightened as a result of this legislation to avoid such atrocities from ever happening again."

Read Senator Rulli's full statement here.

                      “The lack of Holocaust knowledge today is glaring. Not only are neo-Nazi groups                                                increasingly active but recent research confirms that basic facts about the Holocaust are                                 unknown by far too many while others are misappropriating lessons of the Holocaust,"

"This bill, led by Senator Rulli, and so many bipartisan co-sponsors, will help leverage Ohio’s schools, teachers, and community resources to teach this critical history. Ohio Jewish Communities and our member federations commend Sen. Rulli for his leadership. We are ready to work with the General Assembly and Gov. DeWine to make this commission a reality.”

Howie Beigelman, Executive Director, Ohio Jewish Communities

                    “The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation is proud of Sen. Rulli’s leadership - but also Sen.                               O’Brien’s cosponsorship that signals our local Mahoning Valley delegation’s bipartisan support                       for this vital legislation. Our Federation places a high degree of importance on Holocaust                               educational initiatives.  We work diligently to get firsthand knowledge of the Holocaust into area schools.  But with Ohio ranking 32nd in the nation on Holocaust knowledge, there’s clearly more work to do. Our community, like others statewide, can be one of the partners envisioned by the legislation and we are ready to do our part to make sure teachers have the tools and skills they need to convey such history to their students.”

Bonnie Deutsch Burdman, Executive Director, Community Relations/Government Affairs, Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

                     "Sen. Rulli's leadership in spearheading the Holocaust & Genocide Memorial and Education                           Commission is deeply appreciated as the lessons of the Holocaust are needed now more                               than ever. We know that simply pledging to never forget is not enough as sadly, genocide continues to this day. The Holocaust & Humanity Center's mission of ensuring the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today is aligned with the goals of the Commission, and we look forward to leveraging our resources in support of its work. With reports of antisemitism and hate crimes on the rise in our state and knowledge of the Holocaust in decline, we must prioritize Holocaust education and remembrance in Ohio now."

Sarah Weiss, CEO Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center

Rulli Introduces Bill Creating the Holocaust and Genocide Memorial and Education Commission


September 29, 2020